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When will the money be returned to the wallet in 1688?

Alipay guarantees the refund of transactions. If the refund status is successful, the money will be immediately returned to your Alipay account under normal circumstances. It is recommended that you enter the Alipay background to view.

If you want to return this money to your bank account, you can apply for a withdrawal and transfer the money to your bank card. For payment by credit card, it is generally returned to your credit card directly after a certain period of time (2-3 working days according to the length of different times in the bank). Since the refund will be returned in the original path, if the money is directly deducted from the bank card bound by Alipay, it will take a certain amount of time to return to the corresponding bank card

(Depending on the length of time of the bank, generally 2-3 working days). The specific refund can be checked in the billing details of Alipay!

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