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Our chrome-extension is a valuable tool for dropshippers who are looking to streamline their purchasing and shipping processes. With real-time translation, transparent pricing, access to a wide network of logistics providers, and inspection services, ZQ Dropshipping is the ideal partner for anyone looking to succeed in the competitive world of dropshipping.

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1. Real-time translation of product pages

Our chrome-extension allows dropshippers to view product pages in real time, without the need for additional translation software. This feature saves time and ensures that dropshippers can easily navigate the site and find the products they need.

1688 extension

2. Transparent supplier pricing

Our extension provides dropshippers with the most up-to-date and transparent pricing information from suppliers. Most products are priced lower than similar products on Aliexpress, giving dropshippers a competitive edge in the market.

3. Access to a wide network of logistics providers

We have partnerships with more than 30 logistics providers, which means that dropshippers can choose the best shipping option based on their needs and budget. This feature ensures that products can be shipped to customers anywhere in the world.


4. Inspection service

We offer inspection services to ensure that products are in excellent condition before they are shipped to customers. This feature helps dropshippers to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and avoid any issues with damaged or defective products.

Innovation 1688 Chrome-Extension

At ZQdropshipping, we offer dropshipping services to our clients, and we have developed a chrome-extension that makes it easy for dropshippers to purchase products in USD on Our extension offers numerous advantages, including real-time translation of product pages, access to our network of over 30 logistics providers, and inspection services to ensure that products are in the best possible condition when they are delivered to customers.

1688 extension

No middleman


seller assessment


shop worldwide


easy payment


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How we serve


Sourcing & Place Order


ZQ Purchase & Inspect


Weigh & Ship Out


Deliver & Rate

Source on and place order via ZQ extension

We purchase your order, receive, inspect & store

Measure the weight and size, ship out once paid

Give us feedback once you receive parcel

What we serve

Product Sourcing

Professional sourcing agents from our company help you source from 1688, Taobao, Yiwu market, etc. Whatever you are interested in, we can source.

Bulk Purchase

Buying in bulk allows us to negotiate a better price with the factories so that you can enjoy a discount. Also, maintaining a certain level of inventory can prevent out-of-stock situations during peak seasons such as Q4 and holidays.

Inventory Storage

Our dropshipping service allows you to start your dropshipping business with our free inventory storage service, and you can buy inventory at a better price, and all products can be held in our warehouse.

Worldwide Delivery

Our worldwide fulfillment service allows for shipping products from Asia to worldwide via different shipping options to your customer's addresses.

Branding Package

We offer a full solution for customized branding package for you branded dropshipping business, we offer hangtags, insert card, branding package like packing bag or box with your logo according to your branding strategy.

Private Label& White Label

Dropshipping your own brands becomes possible. If you have your own brand, we offer you private label dropshipping, white label dropshipping. We private label your products so you can sell all your products under your own brands.

Automated Fulfillment

Automatically manage the fulfillment process to help save time and reduce human error. Tracking number and dropshipping status are synchronized with our member platform.

Quality Inspection

We perform strict quality inspection as our strandard process. It's a team working together to make sure your customers are satisfied with what they receive.

After-sale Services

We offer free resend or refund if your orders is defective or lost. And we could communicate with dropshipping suppliers on behalf of you if there is any  problem.

One-click Integrations

Seamless Integration with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, Etsy, Tiktok and More. 

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