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Build Your Brand with Ease using Our Chrome Extension!

Get Custom Logo Printing for as Little as One Item

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Start Selling Like a Pro from Day One
ZQdropshipping 1688 Chrome extension UI
ZQdropshipping 1688 Chrome extension UI
zqdropshipping used on Shopify
zqdropshipping used on Bigcommerce
zqdropshipping used on clickfunnels
zqdropshipping used on woocommerce

1688 dropshipping EXTENSION 

ZQ's 1688 dropshipping extension is the first App on the market allows

you buy products from the biggest Chinese B2B Ecommerce platform. We bring together the best technology and the most passionate team, to create an incredible fulfillment powerhouse. We are motivated by our common goal to make purchase and logistics effortless part of your business.
Via our innovative technology, you are not just getting prime price of product, but also get wide range of shipping methods from our cooperated carriers.

Be precise

Be Speedy

Be Certain

Dropship with transparency

We disclose everything about the product price and shipping cost to you. And we take care of the fulfillment service with your wanted product and shipping method. 

From now on, you don't need any fulfillment agent who run business as a reseller, earn money on price difference. 

1688 dropshipping extension - A Game Changer for your dropshipping business.

Careful Inspection



Privated labed package option

to who may concern

Businesses that use ZQdropshipping 1688 Extension save 20-30% on the cost

Store Owner

Instead of buying from, 1688 the Chinese version of provides you more vendors and product selections, where you can find exclusive products which only available in Chinese market. And there are countless real manufacturers so per which you can find the best price of your wanted product.


Unlike Alibaba suppliers who require very high MOQ, 1688 offers lower MOQ normally with 2pcs to get to start. You can benefit a lot with this platform to enrich your store's products selection. 

Ecommerce Dropshipper

If you are a dropshipper, selling products on Shopify, Woocommerce, etc, you may probably dropship products from Aliexpress, or via dropshipping agent like CJdropshipping. But the fact is, 95% of the products on their platform you could find it on with cheaper price. 

Sourcing products from 1688 gives you the margin to outperform your competitors in many ways. 

​It's the time to bypass any agent, and purchase products with flat rate from suppliers.

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Individual Consumer

You can find almost everything on AliExpress on 1688. You can find hot and trending items being sold for cheaper prices on this website, since it's primarily a supplier or wholesaler site. The categories on this website are similar to those on AliExpress. At 1688, you can find everything from fashion to industrial items, accessories to exciting gadgets.

How we serve

Sourcing & Place Order
ZQ Purchase & Inspect
Weigh & Ship Out
Deliver & Rate

Source on and place order via ZQ extension

We purchase your order, receive, inspect & store

Measure the weight and size, ship out once paid

Give us feedback once you receive parcel

"Way too many dropshipping agents in China. I have changed many agents and I am glad I found ZQ 1688 dropshipping. I am very satisfied, They slove my problems, and are much more reliable and trustworthy."
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Natalie Campell

Shopify Store Owner

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Blast through the roof and start scaling to infinity and beyond.



We help Ecommerce Owners to find the best price by comparing with the top 10 Ecommerce shipping companies, including USPS, Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc.

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