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Sam Xia

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University of Dundee

10 Years experience in E-commerce focusing on order fulfillment and logistic management

What is exchange Protection in 1688?

Definition: Replacement guarantee: including "7-day / 15-day replacement service" (according to the category you select under "Strength Merchant Service" directly match the corresponding replacement service, if the corresponding category supports the above two services, the above two services must be opened at the same time), you shall fulfill the corresponding replacement service commitment, the specific matching and applicable rules are as follows:

1) For the product information that has been published in the store history when you open the "Strength Guarantee Service" :

a) If you have chosen to provide the corresponding replacement service for the historical product information, the aforesaid service content will remain unchanged;

b) If you do not choose to provide any replacement service for the historical product information, the corresponding replacement service will be directly matched and displayed in accordance with the category you selected under "Strength Merchant Service"; If the corresponding category of goods support both "7-day replacement service" and "15-day replacement service", it will be directly displayed and applied to the relatively high service commitment, that is, "15-day replacement service".

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