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What are the shipping violations in 1688 Shopee dropshipping?-1

Shipment violations are broken down into four categories: out of stock and not shipped, not shipped/refused to ship, delayed shipment, and false shipment, which are defined as follows:

Out of stock and not delivered:

After the buyer has purchased the commodity, within the delivery time prescribed by the rules or promised by the merchant itself, the merchant actively contacts the buyer to inform him that the commodity cannot be delivered within the delivery time due to the shortage of the commodity.

Note: Merchants can prove that they have contacted in advance through Wangwang/Qianniu chat records, mobile phone messages and other means. It is recommended to use the official communication tool 1688 for communication in order to prove.

Not shipped/refused to ship:

After the buyer has paid for the goods, the goods have not been delivered and there is no package information;

Or after the buyer pays, the seller unilaterally refuses to deliver the goods or suspends the delivery for its own reasons (excluding the case of shortage).

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