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What are 1688 No Reason for Online Exchange Regulations?-4

[Replacement process timeout instruction]

I. Time-out provisions of "Confirmation of consent to replacement application"

1) Since the drop shipper applies for replacement, if the 1688 merchant does not process the replacement application within 5 days and the default return address is set, the system will push the merchant's default address to the buyer, and the buyer can automatically reach a replacement agreement, and the buyer can return the goods to the merchant for replacement. After the agreement is reached, if the goods meet the conditions of replacement, the merchant needs to handle the replacement service for the buyer. If the merchant does not set the default return address, the buyer can apply for the platform secondary intervention

2) Since the 1688 merchant refuses the replacement application, and if the drop shipper does not modify within 5 days, the replacement process will be closed and the transaction will be normal.

2. The merchants agree to the timeout provisions for the buyer to return the replaced goods after the replacement application

1) If the buyer fails to fill in the return information within 7 days after the merchant agrees to the exchange application, the exchange process will be closed and the transaction will proceed normally.

2) From the time when the buyer fills in the replacement information, the business needs to deal with the buyer's replacement within 10 days, overdue buyers can apply for customer service intervention.

(3) After the buyer returns the goods, if the merchant refuses to "confirm receipt of the returned goods", the buyer does not modify the exchange agreement within 5 days after the merchant refuses to "confirm receipt of the returned goods", the exchange process will be closed.


After merchants click 'refuse replacement', buyers can modify the replacement application or cancel the replacement application

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