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Sam Xia

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University of Dundee

10 Years experience in E-commerce focusing on order fulfillment and logistic management

How to Utilize ZQ System to Dropship from 1688 via Shopify?

Nowadays, as dropship becomes popular in E-commerce, many dropshippers choose 1688 as a reliable sourcing and replenishing in stock website to do droshipping from China not Aliexpress or other sites.

BUT how to process dropshipping from 1688 via Shopify?

⬇️The following are the introduction about how to effectively utilize ZQ system to fulfill your orders from Shopify.

  • ENTER Our website first. (if you are already get a quotation, please follow)

  • Sign up a new account for yourself

  • Connect to your Shopify store with the ZQ system.

  • Fulfill orders

Through the ZQ system, our 1688 extension can be used to purchase products directly from 1688 and connect to your shopify store with the ZQ system.

In this way, orders of Shopify store can be fulfilled with products purchased on 1688.

Orders can be fulfilled automatically from ZQ system!

If you are still confused about how to do, please feel free to contact us.

we are always here with you!

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