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How do the Dropshippers Pay 1688 Products in Stages?-2

Important note:

1. This phased mode is divided into two stages: the down payment (30% of the total payment automatically set by the system) and the final payment (70% of the total payment automatically set by the system).

2. By default, the down payment does not include the sample fee, plate fee, sample fee and other fees. If there is another agreement between the seller and the dropshipper on the sample fee, please state it in the remarks of the order. After the dispute occurs, if the corresponding remarks, Wangwang live chat records or other written proof cannot be provided, the down payment will be treated as the payment for goods.

3. The default down payment includes 20% of the total payment as the transaction deposit. The seller in the first stage of operation, if the buyer causes the transaction to close, the deposit will not be returned; If the transaction cannot be continued due to the reasons of the seller, the seller shall refund the payment already made by the buyer and pay an additional deposit of the same amount to compensate the dropshipper.

4. The down payment of the order will arrive in your Alipay or ZQ account only when the current dropshipper's down payment for the phased transaction order does not exceed the credit limit available for the seller's current fast arrival.

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