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How do the Dropshippers Pay 1688 Products in Stages?

If the buyer and seller need to pay in stages. First, the seller must turn on the phased function,

After it is opened, when the seller publishes products in phases, the buyer can place an order according to the proportion of phases. At present, there are three forms of phases: 3/7; 2/8; 3/6/1 (The ratio is presented according to the phased ratio published by the seller, and the buyer cannot adjust it)

The following is an example of the 3/7 phased model:

Stage 1: Down payment, the buyer shall pay 30% of the amount of the goods as a deposit, which will be deposited into the Alipay account bound by the seller; At this point, the system will remind the seller to produce

The second stage: when the seller is ready for the goods, he shall inform the buyer to pay the balance payment before shipment, and the buyer shall pay 70% of the remaining payment. After the buyer successfully pays the balance payment, the seller shall deliver the goods at this stage. After receiving the goods, the buyer shall click the "Confirm receipt" button.

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