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How Do I Search for an Item at

🔎While you are in Homepage, it's easy to find the searching bar at its top.

Many dropshippers are worry about language issue. But you can search an item in English directly! The site will automatically match items you enter in English.

Two Ways to Search:

1. Keywords

Try to use broader and simpler keywords in English. If you find your required product, just click on that item and the related items will also be there for further options. If it is not related, just add more detail keyword into searching bar like color, material, for who and what...etc. So that ranges of products may attractive.

keywords are vital and initial!

2. Images Sourcing

If you want to search the exact item, please use image search.

There is a camera icon on the right of the searching bar, you could see it clearly. Choose your saved images from AliExpress or other sourcing website and select. If you have the product already, just take a picture of the item. Big data will help you to search on the whole site! Don't worry the wrong product. If they are not the same, the results are highly related to your products.

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