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How Do I Dropship with 1688?

Dropshipping with 1688 is not a big deal for everyone as a sourcing website if you follow the steps below. We are adept to guide you how to dropship with 1688 then process smoothly!



1. Download the App(Alibaba) or Enter the website(

while in the Homepage, you could sign up a new account for later commodiously communication with supplier.

Chinese Language

Take advantage of the Goggle Translate

After providing the phone number, username or other details, just tick the checkbox below, slide the security confirmation slider to the right and click the box at the end.

2.Sourcing on the 1688

Key words in Chinese and images can be used for product searching.

if you have any questions about how to source and what to source, please feel free to contact our ZQdropshipping sourcing manager or click on other Blogs to explore.

3. Adjusting Prices with Your Margins

You have to increase or slash price manually as different selling price in 1688 with different margins, unlike usual sourcing site. Convert RMB to your store type based on the live exchange rate. Our ZQdropshipping extension will help you convert RMB into USD automatically! You have no call to worry the price spread between traditional agent and supplier. We are TRANSPARENT!

4. Placing an order on 1688

📌Before placing an order, it's a must to communicate with supplier. But how to communicate with supplier in an effective way? Please ask our ZQdropshipping for help or explore in the corresponding Blog.

Deals done!

The following practices of order placing are acceptable at 1688.

-Direct order

-CSV file

-Google sheet

-Excel sheet

More details about placing an order on 1688 will be discussed in a separate question in other Blogs.

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