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How do I check the refund amount in 1688?

Hello, depending on the method you used to pay, the refund method will be different:

1. If you use Alipay to pay, the refund will be returned to your bound Alipay account after the refund is successful;

2. If you choose to pay by credit card, the amount will be refunded to the credit card account used at the time of payment

First, how to check the refund amount?

You log in to [My Ali] - [Buyer Transaction Management] - [Purchased goods] to find the order you need to view the refund amount, click the "refund success" button, the system will remind you where the money is finally returned.

1. The bank card refund may be delayed. Please wait patiently, or consult Alipay hotline: 95188 to check the progress.

2. You can see the progress of refund when you enter the Alipay page and click to view the refund details. If you encounter problems in the Alipay background query, you can also consult Alipay

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