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Sam Xia

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University of Dundee

10 Years experience in E-commerce focusing on order fulfillment and logistic management

8 days no reason return service in 1688-4

1.2 The seller has entered the Taobao source market;

1.3 The seller has joined the Buyer Protection service, and the deposit balance is not less than RMB 3,000 (unless approved by Alibaba);

1.4 The seller agrees to sign the "8-Day No Reason Return Service Agreement", which is this Agreement;

1.5 Such other conditions as Alibaba deems necessary.

2. The Seller shall ensure that the above conditions are met at all times during the term hereof. If Alibaba has reasonable suspicion and the Seller cannot provide sufficient evidence to prove that the Seller has not breached any of the above conditions, Alibaba shall have the right to immediately suspend or terminate this Agreement.

3. The Seller shall guarantee that the above conditions set forth by the Seller are true and accurate. In case of any dispute or punishment by the relevant state authorities due to the Seller's non-compliance with the above conditions, the Seller shall bear all the responsibilities independently and compensate Alibaba (including its affiliates, partners, etc.) for any loss caused thereby.

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