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WHAT is No reason for 1688 exchange regulations?-5


1. What does it mean that businesses must respond within 2 hours?

For the order that meets the fast return, the seller shall respond to the refund within 2 hours after the buyer initiates the refund. You can click agree or refuse; If the business timeout does not respond, the system will automatically agree to the buyer's refund application.

2. Does the speed refund also take effect during holidays and evenings?

May Day/National Day/Spring Festival holidays also need to perform 2H speed refund service. The buyers will initiate the fast refund process from 18:00 to 9:00 the next day, and the sellers will respond within 10:00 to 12:00 the next day.

3. How can businesses join the service?

This service is the platform's after-sales network regulations, do not need to sign to join, as long as meet the speed refund conditions can enjoy; Specific to view web rules:

4. Is this service available on all orders?

Spot orders placed on honest credit or guarantee transactions (Spot is defined as: when the merchant releases products, the type of products selected is spot, excluding distribution orders such as scouring sources and orders for processing and customization by factories)

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