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What are 1688 No Reason for Online Exchange Regulations?-2

[Application Path]

Purchased goods - click on "Apply for return and exchange" - select "7 days /15 days No reason to exchange"

[Online exchange Conditions]

The dropshipper's application for replacement shall conform to the following circumstances. If the parties agree otherwise, such agreement shall prevail

1. Goods are added to the contract exchange service.

2. Non-commission account orders

3. The commodity to be exchanged and the commodity to be exchanged are not customized commodities, and the commodity to be exchanged shall be in good condition, without artificial damage, and will not affect the secondary sales. No man-made damage refers to the appearance of the product is not damaged, does not affect the secondary sales

A: It is required to have the complete outer packaging, accessories, invoices, tags and so on when the goods are received

2. There are no signs of wear, damage or use of the goods and accessories

Three, commodity host machine without dismantling artificial damage

Fourth, the appearance of the commodity without fading, yellowing, dirt and serious folds

4. The commodity to be replaced is in the state of sale, and the quantity applied for replacement must be less than or equal to the inventory of the commodity to be replaced, subject to the time response of the merchant or the system to the replacement application. Replacement is limited to replacement of equivalent new products of different colors and sizes of the same type of goods (referring to the total price of the goods to be replaced, excluding freight), or other equivalent goods agreed by the seller. Note: In the case that the seller agrees to replace other goods, if the price of the replacement goods cannot be consistent with the total price of the required replacement goods, the seller and the seller shall negotiate to solve the problem

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