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University of Dundee

10 Years experience in E-commerce focusing on order fulfillment and logistic management

They won't tell you about 1688 to dropship | 1688 DROPSHIPPING

Hello everyone, and welcome to my channel! In today's episode, we're exploring one of the most powerful tools in the dropshipping world - Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale up, understanding 1688 is crucial for your success. So let's get started! is not just another marketplace; it's a colossal B2B platform in China that's revolutionizing the supply chain for dropshippers worldwide.

Imagine having access to over 70% of factories in China at your fingertips. That's what 1688 offers.

This isn't just a number. It's a testament to the depth and breadth of what 1688 brings to the table for businesses like ours.

By tapping into this platform, we're tapping into an ecosystem that powers a significant portion of global manufacturing and trade.

What does this mean for you as a dropshipper or a business owner? It means access. Access to a vast array of products, direct from the source. Access to competitive pricing that only comes from working closely with the producers. And most importantly, access to a supply chain network optimized for efficiency and scalability.

Now, if you've ever shopped or dropshipped with AliExpress, you might be surprised to know that over 90% of its products can be sourced from 1688.

Yes, you heard that right – more than 90%!

This means by using 1688, you can potentially get ahead by sourcing products at a fraction of the cost, increasing your profit margins significantly.

Understanding the relationship between 1688, AliExpress, and other international platforms is key. While AliExpress caters to the B2C (business-to-consumer) market, 1688 is strictly B2B.

This distinction is important because it shapes how you'll interact with suppliers and manage logistics.

1688 is essentially the starting point for many products that eventually make their way to AliExpress and then to consumers around the globe.

By starting at the source, you position yourself to capture trends as they emerge. To sum up, 1688 is a powerhouse for dropshippers looking to connect directly with Chinese manufacturers.

It offers competitive pricing, early access to new products, and a direct line into the supply chain that feeds into global platforms like AliExpress.

I encourage you to explore 1688 and see how it can transform your dropshipping business.

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