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How To Create A Dropshipping Order On ZQdropshipping?

Updated: Apr 4


You can use our member system to finish the delivery after your client buys products in your shop.

Before we start, you need to register or login to ZQdropshipping.

Please follow the guide below:


After you have selected the products and completed the payment, the order information will be synchronized in the system's 'Inventory'.

Here are all the information of your goods that you have bought via ZQdropshipping.

create dropshipping order

Create A New Shipping

Then go to the tag 'Order'-'Unfulfilled Orders', and click the icon 'Create New Shipping'.

create dropshipping order

Once customers buy something in your shop, you can fulfill the order by creating a new shipping order on ZQdropshipping.

  1. Add your client's address

create dropshipping order

Here are the details you need to confirm.

create dropshipping order

2. Type in the shipping quantity

This step is to confirm how many of one single SKU of the order package this shipping order.

After you type in the number, click on the button 'Create Ship Order'.

create dropshipping order


3. Check the action

If everything is ready, the bar will show 'Processing', then you can view the specific tracking number and status on the 'Processing Order' page. Other than that, any actions you need to push ahead of this order will be displayed here.

create dropshipping order

Status of the shipping

You will see the status of the order in the left bar. There are four status of the orders.

Automatically Shipping

If your store is connected with ZQdropshipping, all your orders will be automatically synced to ZQdropshipping and we will finish the shipping immediately and automatically.

Please contact your dedicated customer service.


Thank you for reading this post, and hope you enjoy sourcing with ZQdropshipping.

If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Whatsapp/Phone number: +86 188 8483 1329

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