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Will there be an alert when the logistics status of my 1688 order changes?

Dropshippers can see the Status of your 1688 orders logistics.

There are three ways to show you the status of logistics:

  1. Through Want Want pop-up window notification

  2. Notify by "My Ali" message reminder

  3. According to the different logistics status, the corresponding drop shippers or in the "bought goods" menu to check the specific order, drop shippers will find in the order status, "logistics has obvious progress" grey copy prompt. When you click "View logistics," the prompt disappears.

Tip: At present, it only supports 5 logistics companies, respectively: 1, Deppon; 2. Sf Express; 3, Yunda; 4. Shentong; 5. Yunda, other logistics companies will be opened in the future. Please pay attention, thank you!

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