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Why Sourcing from 1688.Com Is a Good Choice for Dropshippers?

Dropshipping has become much more popular around the world, but a few drop shippers know that is a better option than Aliexpress as a sourcing site.

We strenuously suggest that 1688 can be chosen as your sourcing website. Reasons are mentioned below.

  • Product price is much cheaper than Aliexpress. So that there are more international logistics options for you. Margins can be higher.

  • Sourcing product from factory directly. So that there is no price gap between middle agent.

  • The benefit of knowing the product launch prior to availability on AliExpress.

  • Less competition on 1688 as less popularity and language barriers.

If you have no idea about how to process still, please contact us for help!

We are always here with you.

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