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When will the seller ship after I pay?

1. If the seller opens the n-hour delivery service, the goods need to be shipped 24/48/72 hours after the buyer places the order; If you do not open this 24/48/72 hours delivery function, if the seller opened other services, such as delivery guarantee, it is recommended to find the seller to consult the delivery time, you can click the seller's store page "screen snapshot 2015-02-10 am 11.47.29.png", to agree on the specific delivery time oh ~

2. You can consult the seller about the specific time of express delivery or freight after delivery, or you can go to the logistics company to confirm.

Warm reminder: It is recommended to choose products with N hours of delivery service, or to communicate the delivery time before placing an order

Tips: 24/48/72-hour delivery service will be fully upgraded on August 1 (click here to view the service upgrade rules), some of the operational problems involved during the upgrade can be found here! Click here to view: 24/48/72 hours delivery service Q&A

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