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What is the Timeout Mechanism of Guaranteed Transactions of Alipay in 1688 Orders?

Pay treasure to guarantee transaction timeout mechanism is as follows:

1. Since the two sides agreed to the trading content, namely the buyers or suppliers to create five days from the date of last modified terms, buyer fails to pay, the system automatically shut down.

2. 10 days from the date of delivery by the seller, if the buyer fails to confirm receipt of the goods and does not apply for refund, the transaction will be completed by default and the system will automatically transfer the money to the seller.

3. If the delivery mode of your order is "No logistics", the timeout period for confirming receipt will be adjusted to 30 days.


1. If you need to return the goods within 10 days after the seller's delivery, please apply for refund as soon as possible.

2. You can view the following link to check Alibaba's trading timeout rules: Click here to enter

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