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WHAT is No reason for 1688 exchange regulations?-1

Scope of application

This specification is only applicable to the "replacement" application initiated by the buyer through the online "Purchased goods - application for return and replacement -7 days /15 days without reason replacement"

[Application time]

l If the goods participate in the 7-day replacement service, the buyer can apply for replacement within 7 days from the date of signing for the goods and the transaction status is "waiting for the buyer to confirm receipt of the goods".

Seven days: refers to the beginning of the time when the buyer signs for the goods. If there is an accurate signing time on the logistics receipt, the 168 hours after the signing time is 7 days; If the receipt time on the logistics receipt is only the date, the time shall be calculated from 00:00 of the next day after the date, and the 168 hours shall be seven days.

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