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The difference between logistics number and waybill number in 1688

Logistics number is a unique number automatically generated by the system after a logistics waybill is produced by a customer through Alibaba Cainiao Logistics. This number is used to identify the waybill on Alibaba China website.

The waybill number is a business number provided by the logistics company after receiving a logistics waybill from a customer. It is convenient for you to inquire the relevant information of the waybill from the logistics company. This number may be duplicate.

When you deliver the goods online, the logistics company will automatically generate the waybill number and display it in the system after accepting the order. You do not need to fill in the waybill number yourself.

After you contact the logistics company to arrange the delivery, please click the button of "Contact the logistics company and fill in the waybill number" on the delivery page after you get the waybill from the logistics company, and fill in the name of the entrusted logistics company and the waybill number.

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