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Is Alibaba the Same as 1688?

Actually, Alibaba and 1688 are not identical.1688 is as the parent firm of Alibaba and vice versa.

The following list summarizes the key distinctions between Alibaba and 1688.

  • Alibaba is a larger platform. Whereas 1688 is essentially a local Chinese market, Alibaba is intended to be an international e-commerce platform.

  • B2B is increasingly the focus of Alibaba. In contrast to 1688, Alibaba requires a minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is required at Alibaba.

  • While 1688 may only be operated in Chinese, Alibaba can be accessed in other languages, including English.

  • Payment of 1688 is limited. ZQ extension will help you figure it out.

  • Directly communicate with suppliers at 1688. While Alibaba are mostly mid-man.

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