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How to refund and return the goods received in 1688?

When the buyer receives the goods due to product problems or other reasons need to refund the return. The detailed operation process is as follows:

First, the buyer applies for a refund

1. Click "Apply for refund", please find in "My Ali" and enter the "Buyer Transaction Management" service, click "purchased goods" to find the transaction order that needs to apply for refund, click the "Apply for refund" link at the end;

2. Select the refund item, the system will open a new window, select the item to be refunded;

3. Fill in the refund agreement, display the page for filling in the refund agreement, fill in the refund agreement, select "Goods status" as "shipped" goods, select the goods that need to apply for refund, "Whether all or part of the goods received" or "not received the goods", and fill in the detailed refund agreement;

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