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How to Invoice Online Transactions for 1688 Shopee Dropshippers ?

Prior to ZQ Extension, we offer you the automatic exchange currency. RMB🔄USD There is no doubt that payment can only be made in RMB at 1688 platform. AliPay is used to be a traditional way of payment buying products from 1688. The process of exchanging currency from your bank account to Alipay would be ignored if you used ZQ plug-in in your Google site. First and foremost, you have to sign up an account and charge USD in your Wallet in our ZQ system. Then install plug-in on your Google site and enter 1688 product page. Interface of extension in ZQ logo will automatically show to you. You have no need to worry about language barrier as our extension language are in ENGLISH. The selling price is also in USD correspondingly. Add to chart and pay. Money in your Wallet can be used to pay products in 1688. 🆗🆗🆗🆗🆗 Payments done!If you still have questions about how to pay, please contact us.:)

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