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How to deal with the situation the seller agrees to the after-sales agreement in 1688?

It is recommended that you take the initiative to contact the seller to clarify the subsequent treatment of the agreement.

If you need to return, replace, repair, please ask the seller for the correct shipping address, and agree clearly the freight party and delivery method;

If you need a replacement, please provide your latest shipping address.

If you need a refund, the seller takes the initiative to agree to after-sales, in the following three cases, the system will directly complete the refund

1) "Goods status" is "not received", and "after-sales requirements" is "request for refund";

2) "Goods condition" is "returned", and "after-sales requirements" is "request for refund";

3) "Goods status" is "received goods", and "after-sales requirements" is "no return partial refund"

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