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How can ZQdropshipping be Helpful with 1688?

It's well-known to us that for foreigners shopping at 1688 is a tough work without ZQdropshipping. Because of Chinese language barrier and supplier, many of dropshippers give up. But when you use ZQ extension, these troubles are all addressed.

  • We are transparent. The traditional dropshipping at 1688 needs agent to source and quote and there is a price difference between dropshippers and agent.

  • We are convenient. 1688 ZQ extension can pay for 1688 products using US dollars directly. There is no process of currency conversion.

  • We are automatic. Through the ZQ system, 1688 extension can be used to purchase products directly and connect to Shopify with the ZQ system. In this way, orders of Shopify can be fulfilled with products purchased on 1688. Orders can be fulfilled automatically.


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