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8 days no reason return service in 1688-3

2. Goods in good condition: the goods maintain the original quality and function, and the goods themselves, accessories and trademarks are complete. The buyer opens the package of the commodity based on the inspection needs, or carries out reasonable debugging to confirm the quality and function of the commodity without affecting the good condition of the commodity. However, if a commodity is used beyond the requirements of inspection and confirmation of its quality and function, resulting in relatively large degradation of its value, the commodity shall be deemed to be in bad condition, specifically as follows: food (including health food), cosmetics, medical equipment, family planning supplies, and necessary disposable sealed packaging are damaged; Unauthorized maintenance, alteration, destruction or alteration of mandatory product certification marks, indicating labels, machine serial numbers, etc. of electronic and electrical appliances, which have appearance traces of use that are difficult to restore to the original state, or have activation, authorization information, unreasonable personal use data retention traces; For clothing, shoes and hats, bags and suitcases, toys, home textiles and household products, trademark signs are removed, signs are cut, and goods are contaminated or damaged.

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