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1688 drop ship buyers precautions in 1688 trading

Be sure to pay attention to the following:

1. Please do not register on the website provided by the seller. If registering, please try not to use your Alibaba username and password;

2. If the seller tells you that they are in short of cash recently, please confirm the receipt of the goods first. Please do not trust the seller;

3. When you purchase the product, please confirm the important description of the product again. For example, is the product "laptop" or "notebook" (paper)?

4. For all transactions, it is recommended to use the "guaranteed transaction" function of Alipay (rather than "instant receipt") to place orders online and do not directly pay to the seller through Alipay.

Don't refuse to use Alipay because the seller says it has a long cycle and cannot turn over funds.

5. In the process of guaranteed Alipay transaction, if the order status is already delivered by the seller, if the seller says that it can offer certain discounts or lower prices, and asks for partial refund, please apply for partial refund after receiving the goods. If you apply for partial refund after not receiving the goods, once the refund is successful, the money and goods may be empty.

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